Wearable Technology​

Air quality management products by MineARC Systems are designed to create safe, breathable air for personnel sheltering in an enclosed space.

During entrapment, carbon dioxide is expired by the occupants as part of their normal breathing activity. Carbon monoxide and other toxic gases can also enter the main chamber via the compressed air intake (if it becomes compromised), and as occupants enter and/or exit the main chamber entrance.

LED Cap Lamps​

LED Cap Lamps from MineARC are designed to improve visibility across a range of activities including underground mining, tunnelling, emergency response, and leisure. 

Cooling Vest​

Cooling vest technology from MineARC provides a unique solution to keeping core body temperature low whilst working in hot, confined environments.

Colour Balancing Eye Protection​

Colour balancing eye protection technology blends incredible colour balancing for LED and HPS lighting spectrums with high quality lenses that provide the best in optical clarity.