Explore MineARC’s vast range of products across a variety of industries – from mining, to tunnelling construction, to biotechnology. All products are either manufactured by MineARC at one of our three ISO-accredited facilities; in Western Australia, Dallas and Johannesburg; or sourced from reputable suppliers across the globe.

All MineARC products are designed or selected based on four key principles; improved personnel safety, increased operational activities, better
cost efficiencies and ease of application.

Explore Our Product Range

A range of life-saving refuge chambers and safe havens for mining, petrochemical, tunnelling and disaster relief applications.

A range of Walk-In and Reach-In chambers for controlled environment agriculture, medicinal cannabis and research applications.

Rescue vehicles and mobile chambers provide a unique solution for Emergency Response Teams to safely extract personnel.

Gas monitoring, smart lighting, personnel tracking and refuge chamber monitoring; monitored via any PC, tablet or mobile.

Emergency response products designed for ‘that moment’; including oxygen delivery and first aid equipment.

On-site hygiene made easy with the EnviroLAV; offering the latest innovation in self-contained, portable toilet systems.

With corded and cordless models available across the range, our LED cap lamps provide a quality and reliable lighting solution.

Air quality management products designed to create a safe, breathable air for personnel sheltering in an enclosed space.