Utility Chambers, Purpose-Built for Underground Mining

In addition to emergency refuge chambers and safe havens, MineARC also manufactures a range of purpose-built utility chambers, designed specifically for the underground mining environment.

Climate Control Shelter
- MineSAFE Climate Control

The Climate Control Shelter is a fully portable unit that can be placed in close proximity to the underground work area and used during scheduled break periods as a temperature controlled rest area. 

  • Portable unit for rest breaks
  • Insulated, air-conditioned environment
  • Optional sink

Remote Operating Control Room

The RocROOM (Remote Operating Control Room) is an underground safe area used as a collaborative environment for managing and monitoring the day to day operation of equipment and production activities. 

  • Control room for underground environments
  • Insulated, air-conditioned environment
  • Electrical cabinet for client’s control system

First Aid Station
- MediSAFE

The MediSAFE First Aid Station is the only portable first aid station specifically engineered for use in an underground mining environment. The station comes with a comprehensive fit-out tailored for first aid applications.

  • First aid station for underground environments
  • Insulated, air-conditioned environment
  • Comprehensive first aid fit-out