Chamber Refurbishments and Upgrades

Bring new life to your current chamber fleet. 

The MineARC Refuge Chamber Refurbishment and Upgrade Programs transform damaged, worn or second-hand chambers into fully functioning, certified refuge chambers that look as good as new.

The program is available to MineARC and non-MineARC Refuge Chambers alike; bringing new technology and the latest life-sustaining systems to your collective fleet.

Refuge Chamber Refurbishments

The MineARC Refuge Chamber Refurbishment Program transforms older, used chambers, to a newer, fit for purpose model. Ensuring it meets the safety standards of the organisation is a significant consideration, as are government guidelines and MineARC Systems quality assurance.

What makes refurbishments different from chamber upgrades is the extensive overhaul and remodelling. The program involves a number of vital stages, including fabrication, painting as well as componentry repair and replacement, in order to bring a refuge chamber back into certification and optimal working condition.

Every refurbishment is different and quoted based on factors such as:

  • Extent of damage or wear to the chamber
  • Age of the chamber
  • Make of refuge chamber

All refurbishments are conducted at one of MineARC’s state of the art manufacturing facilities by qualified workshop technicians. Following a refurbishment, one of our service technicians will conduct a comprehensive 50-Point Safety Audit, ensuring the chamber is commissioned, certified and meets MineARC’s stringent safety standards. This will give you peace of mind and the reassurance that your chamber is covered by our AU$20 Million product liability insurance.

For more information on how we can help refurbish your refuge chamber, contact MineARC now.

Refuge Chamber Upgrades

MineARC’s key priority is to offer the most advanced and innovative safe refuge solutions on the market. Our success in the industry is achieved by listening closely to our clients’ requirements; allowing us to continue to develop products that are safer, more user-friendly and more cost-effective.

The MineARC Client Upgrade Assist Program offers a range of upgrade options that will improve the operation and efficiency of your chamber, both during an emergency and while in standby mode.

All upgrades are conducted on-site, and in most cases do not require chamber repositioning. Our qualified service technicians will conduct a comprehensive chamber audit and certification following the upgrade, ensuring the chamber is officially recertified to meet industry standards.

MineARC extends our chamber upgrades and refurbishment program to non-MineARC refuge chambers, improving safety and operations through standardisation of the entire fleet.

All upgrades can be conducted on-site, and in most cases do not require chamber repositioning. Also available are refurbishment options which require off-site repairs, including fabrication, sandblasting and painting, and general componentry replacement.

Other MineARC Client Support

During daily activities or emergencies, refuge chambers can operate in an externally mode. This state occurs when a refuge station is active and remains connected to primary utilities.

Contact our friendly support centre seven days a week for troubleshooting assistance, on-site induction opportunities and chamber commissioning.


Free training courses, providing clients the opportunity to upskill in areas such as service, electrical and the general operation of our chambers.

refuge chamber commissioning

Regularly servicing and performing maintenance checks on a refuge chamber will help ensure your equipment is ready in the event of an emergency.


Transform damaged, second hand chambers into a new fleet that is certified and fully functioning. Available for MineARC and non-MineARC chambers.

MineARC-Engineer R&D

MineARC’s in-house engineering & innovation team are on hand to provide customised design solutions and explore collaboration opportunities.