Auto Resuscitator - CAREvent CA

The auto resuscitator CAREvent CA is a pneumatically powered, time/volume cycled ventilatory device with the added feature of a Manually Actuated, Automatic Ventilation Override Button (manual button) to allow the operator to control the ventilations at a rate and volume they desire.

The ventilator allows the breathing operator to ‘demand breathe’ through the device, enabling them to inhale and exhale comfortably and at their own pace. The operator’s own inspiratory effort then causes the automatic cycling to stop. In the event that the operator should suddenly stop breathing once again, the ventilator will automatically restart cycling breathable air in the setting selected.

The ‘pneumatic logic circuit’ can be run on either compressed breathing air or medical oxygen. The unit is self-contained and simply requires attachment to a regulated oxygen or air supply (as specified) for immediate use.


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