Hard Rock Mining Safety Solutions

Hard rock mining safety solutions by MineARC Systems have been an integral aspect of many mine sites globally for over 20 years. 
Since our first MineSAFE Refuge Chamber sale in 1999, we have worked tirelessly to improve and expand our hard rock mining product range and technologies; with the overarching goal of achieving safer working conditions for all underground personnel.
MineARC provides a range of safety and emergency response solutions for mining, that will protect personnel and assist in safe, efficient extraction. 
MineARC offers a comprehensive range of refuge chamber solutions for the hard rock mining industry; from the technologically advanced to the highly portable. MineARC is changing the landscape of safety in hard rock mining, with the development of our GuardIAN Intelligence product range; including site-wide remote diagnostics, real-time gas monitoring and personnel tracking.
In addition to our refuge chamber technology, MineARC also manufactures and supplies a range of ancillary mining equipment; including the award winning EnviroLAV Underground Toilet, Stench Gas Emergency Alert Systems, Self-Contained Self-Rescuers, and a large range of cap lamps for underground mining.

Hard Rock Mining Refuge Chambers

Hard rock emergency refuge chambers form an integral part of a project’s wider Emergency Response Plan (ERP).  In the case of an emergency, where personnel become trapped without adequate ventilation and evacuation is no longer safe or practical, emergency refuge chambers are designed to provide a secure ‘go-to’ area for personnel to gather and await extraction.

MineARC offers a comprehensive range of MineSAFE refuge chamber solutions for the hard rock mining industry; from the industry-leading and technologically advanced MineSAFE Standard Design Refuge Chamber to the highly portable MineSAFE Compact Design. We also provide Permanent Refuge Shelter solutions for large capacity requirements.

GuardIAN Intelligence Network

In response to industry requirements, the GuardIAN Intelligence Network has been designed to improve personnel safety, increase productivity and provide greater cost efficiencies to sites globally.

It has been engineered to provide site-wide integration; allowing real-time monitoring of the underground environment, site assets, and personnel via any PC, tablet or mobile device.

GuardIAN encompasses a range of products that can be implemented singularly or collectively to improve safety standards on-site, including gas monitoring, smart lighting, personnel tracking and refuge chamber monitoring.

LED Cap Lamps

MineARC offers a range of LED Cap Lamps, designed to improve visibility across a range of activities including underground mining, tunnelling, emergency response, and leisure. 

With corded and cordless models available across the range and charging racks to suit, MineARC cap lamps provide a quality and reliable lighting solution.

Waste Management Solutions

MineARC’s award winning EnviroLAV Waste Management System was originally designed specifically for the hard rock mining industry; providing a solution to toilet requirements for underground mining personnel.

Designed to be simple to operate and maintain, the EnviroLAV Toilet is a robust, semi-permanent structure that can be used both above and below ground – wherever there is access to compressed air or electricity. It’s most unique benefit lies in the requirement to empty just once every 12 months based on standard usage and temperature conditions; providing a significant cost saving to sites in the general maintenance of their toilet facilities.

Self Contained Self Rescuers (SCSR) and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

Dezega logo

DEZEGA’s range of portable waist and shoulder-worn self-rescuers are designed for escape from irrespirable atmospheres over long, medium
and short-haul routes.

Designed for ‘that moment’, MineARC’s range of emergency response products are built for reliability and performance.

Choose from a range of oxygen delivery and first aid equipment; engineered to assist rescue teams and first responders across all capability levels.

Handheld Digital Gas Monitor - Aura PT

The Aura-PT handheld digital gas monitor has been designed to provide underground personnel with the ability to continuously monitor up to six gases within their immediate surroundings. When used in conjunction with the GuardIAN Intelligence Network, Aura-PT automatically communicates dangerous gas levels back to the GuardIAN Server via adjacent GuardIAN Nodes.

The Aura-PT gas detector can also be used as a redundancy during re-entry, allowing personnel to easily and accurately monitor gas levels as they are driving back down the decline.

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