Hygiene Solutions - EnviroLAV Portable Toilets

Hygiene solutions are made easy with MineARC’s EnviroLAV Waste Management System range; offering the latest innovation in self-contained, portable toilet systems – ideal for the use in mining, industrial and remote locations.

Requiring emptying just once every 12 months, the EnviroLAV is available in Standard, Dual, Compact and Coal-Spec configurations; providing an option for every application.

Underground Toilets - EnviroLAV​

Designed to be simple to operate and maintain, the EnviroLAV Toilet can be used both above and below ground wherever there is access to compressed air or electricity. Empty every 12 months based on standard usage.

  • Standard, Dual or Compact configurations
  • Pneumatic or Electric operation
  • Optional Waste Transfer Tank

Coal-Spec Toilets - EnviroLAV​

The Coal-Spec EnviroLAV Toilet is designed to be intrinsically safe for coal mining applications; featuring a pneumatic operating system that simply requires compressed air. Features the same floorsize as the Standard EnviroLAV.

  • Standard configuration
  • Pneumatic operation
  • Optional reinforcement for IT Hitch

Cold Climate Toilets - EnviroLAV​

The Cold Climate Toilet features an added R-28 insulation and multiple heating sources to keep all systems working in even the most extreme conditions; on top of the standard EnviroLAV benefits.

  • Dual configuration
  • Integrated heating and insulation
  • Tapered roof

Toilet Consumables - EnviroLAV​

MineARC offers a range of biodegradable consumables, including a waste-breakdown solution, hand wash, degreasing spray and starch-based toilet tissue. The products have been developed specifically for use with the EnviroLAV.

  • Biodegradable, non-toxic chemicals
  • Ensures optimal operation of EnviroLAV Toilet
  • Available in various sizes