Air Quality Management Products - Creating a Safe, Breathable Atmosphere​

Air quality management products by MineARC Systems are designed to create safe, breathable air for personnel sheltering in an enclosed space.

During entrapment, carbon dioxide is expired by the occupants as part of their normal breathing activity. Carbon monoxide and other toxic gases can also enter the main chamber via the compressed air intake (if it becomes compromised), and as occupants enter and/or exit the main chamber entrance.

Fixed Gas Monitoring​

Aura-FX provides a more convenient solution to gas monitoring, with has the ability to individually monitor anywhere up to 11 gases.

Handheld Gas Detection​

The Aura-PT handheld digital gas monitor provides personnel with the ability to continuously monitor up to six gases.

Node Gas Monitoring​

Digital Gas Monitoring Nodes from the GuardIAN range provide an external gas monitoring solution for site.

Life Support Systems​

MineARC’s Range of life support systems are designed to create a respiral atmosphere for occupants.  The include a range of products from scrubbing to oxygen delivery to pressure systems. 

Portable Oxygen - ROG​

The Rugged Oxygen Generator (ROG) is a portable, lightweight oxygen generator that delivers 90 litres of breathable oxygen for 15 minutes. Easy-to-use and small enough to carry in a backpack.